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Tyra Walker

Director, WinShape at Chick-fil-a, Inc.

In 1993, Walker accepted the position of WinShape Coordinator at Chick-fil-A, Inc. working alongside S. Truett Cathy on a daily basis to grow his program as big as needed in order to help as many children as possible. Cathy’s vision was to give children without a family as close to a natural home as possible, with two full-time parents who would see them through to adulthood, and still be there when they were grown. Cathy also wanted to break the cycle of children being moved from foster home to foster home, so he personally took guardianship of many children to make that happen.   
Walker has been there for 20 years to support and carry out Cathy's vision. She has helped grow WinShape Homes from 4 to 12 homes - nine in Georgia, two in Tennessee and one in Alabama, including a Transitional Home in Rome. Walker was made Director in 1995 and has continued to support Cathy’s  vision and legacy by encouraging 24 houseparents who have an average of 15 years service with WinShape. WinShape has provided homes for more than 375 children who have finished high school and gone on to higher education. Continuing the legacy of Cathy is Walker's most important job along with giving children loving homes. 
Walker was born and raised in Atlanta. She attended Therrell High School, West Georgia College and Georgia State University before getting married and having three daughters.