Governor Nathan Deal - Georgia’s 82nd Governor (2011-2019)

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Deal announces search for cityhood commission members

November 29, 2016

Gov. Nathan Deal today announced that he is taking recommendations for the City of South Fulton and the City of Stonecrest’s five-member commissions following the passage of HB 514 and SB 208 by the General Assembly in the 2016 legislative session. The referendums for each passed with 59 percent.

“We are looking for community members to help shape the formation of the City of South Fulton and the City of Stonecrest,” said Deal. “As we continue to work with the General Assembly to form these commissions, we seek the assistance and leadership of individuals in these areas to help guide residents and facilitate the new cityhood process.”

Under OCGA 36-1-8, the governor is authorized to appoint five persons to serve as interim representatives of the newly incorporated municipality until the election of the municipality's first governing authority.

From OCGA 36-1-8: Transition periods for governmental functions; appointment by the Governor of interim representatives:

The interim representatives shall cease to serve as of the time the members of the first governing authority take office. The function of the interim representatives shall be to facilitate the provision of municipal services and facilities, the collection of taxes and fees, and the negotiation of intergovernmental agreements in preparation of the establishment of the new municipality. The interim representatives shall not have the ability to enter into any binding agreements, to expend public funds, or to incur any liability on behalf of the new municipality. Any person who is serving as or has served as an interim representative shall be ineligible to qualify for election as a member of the initial governing authority of the new municipality.

Those interested in applying should submit applications or recommendations to