Governor Nathan Deal - Georgia’s 82nd Governor (2011-2019)

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New Information on Child Well-Being

October 14, 2014

Safe Sleep for Georgia Babies,list,x,x,x,10126/

Keeping children safe is a major priority for every parent, grandparent, child care provider and professional working with parents and children. To support this effort, the First Lady of Georgia, Sandra Deal, as chair of the Georgia Children's Cabinet, has launched a safe sleep campaign to educate parents, grandparents, child care providers and others in the community about safe sleep practices for infants. In this course, we will examine ways to promote safe sleep practices for Georgia infants and reduce the risk of sleep-related deaths.

Block Play as a Creative Learning Strategy,list,x,x,x,10029/

The block center can be a wonderful place for children to play and learn. A well designed basic block center is a terrific, fun activity for the children; is conducive to meaningful learning; promotes a high level of pretend play and creativity; and supports healthy growth in all four major developmental realms: social, emotional, cognitive and physical.