Governor Nathan Deal - Georgia’s 82nd Governor (2011-2019)

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Deal extends state of emergency

January 30, 2014

State Patrol will begin towing abandoned cars on interstates at 9

  • Gov. Nathan Deal today extended the state of emergency for two additional days, through Sunday night, to assure that all necessary resources are available for state agencies and local governments to clear roads and all other winter storm-related obstacles.
  • The State Patrol will begin at 9 tonight to tow vehicles left in areas where they are posing a public safety hazard; this applies only to the interstates. The state will cover the cost of towing – but ONLY in cases where the towing was directed by the state. Abandoned cars deemed to not pose a safety risk will remain for owner pickup through Sunday night.
  • Gov. Deal has directed state government employees to report to their workplaces at regular hours tomorrow, unless doing so puts them in harm’s way. Employees who think it’s not safe to travel from their location need to contact their supervisor.