Governor Nathan Deal - Georgia’s 82nd Governor (2011-2019)

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Deal signs criminal justice reform

May 2, 2012

Gov. Nathan Deal today signed into law historic reforms in the state’s criminal justice system. HB 1176 will revolutionize how Georgia punishes nonviolent crimes by seeking alternative treatments where possible and preserving expensive prison beds for offenders who pose a danger to society.

“With this bold new direction in criminal justice, we will bolster public safety, increase our chances of rehabilitating lives and bend the unsustainable cost curve we face in our prison system,” Deal said. “We spend $1.2 billion a year on our prison system and those costs were set to soar far beyond what we can afford. That makes no sense for taxpayers when there are most cost-effective means that have better outcomes.

“The Criminal Justice Reform Council worked all year, receiving input from all corners of the state, and I have asked the members to continue their work through this year to explore other areas for reforms. The result was a piece of legislation with support so deep that it passed unanimously in both chambers of the Legislature. This will pay dividends to taxpayers over and over, from the reduced cost to our prison system to the increase in the number of people who return to the workforce and support their families.”

Also today, the governor signed the following:

HB 39
HB 46
HB 110
HB 175
HB 183
HB 208
HB 237
HB 250
HB 297
HB 332
HB 337
HB 347
HB 351
HB 409
HB 463
HB 472
HB 514
HB 534
HB 535
HB 548
HB 634
HB 635
HB 713
HB 728
HB 729
HB 746
HB 766
HB 769
HB 786
HB 795
HB 827
HB 832
HB 835
HB 845
HB 846
HB 851
HB 863
HB 869
HB 895
HB 897
HB 916
HB 928
HB 930
HB 932
HB 942
HB 944
HB 945
HB 965
HB 971
HB 985
HB 987
HB 990
HB 991
HB 1024
HB 1026
HB 1027
HB 1048
HB 1049
HB 1066
HB 1071
HB 1102
HB 1115
HB 1132
HB 1178
HB 1198

HR 1177

SB 309
SB 332
SB 382
SB 383
SB 464