Governor Nathan Deal - Georgia’s 82nd Governor (2011-2019)

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Deal signs 35 bills

May 13, 2011

House Bills

HB 47     Insurance across state lines

HB 49     Technical and adult education, change name

HB 87     Illegal immigration

HB 90     Heritage trust properties

HB 92     Provide limitations for in-person absentee balloting

HB 114  Abandoned motor vehicles

HB 117  SOURCE bill

HB 142  Revise official Code of Georgia Annotated

HB 158  Change the dates on nonpartisan elections

HB 186  High school students; expand career pathway options

HB 192  Establish State Education Finance Study Commission; evaluate formula and funding

HB 214  American Laws for Georgia Courts Act

HB 249  Provide information to parents of newborns; pertussis disease

HB 313  Annexation of city of Chatsworth

HB 339  Emergency powers; challenge of quarantine or vaccination order; revise courts

HB 436  City of Menlo charter

HB 454  Presidential preference primary

HB 560  Dalton-Whitfield County Charter and Consolidation Commission

HB 574  Dalton Independent School System; Board of Education

HB 587  Levy an excise tax for city of Snellville

HB 589  City of Peachtree City Public Facilities Authority

HB 591  City of Waycross, citizens’ right to address city commissioners

House Resolutions

HR 95     Conveyance of certain property; Appling, Burke, Toombs, Upson and other counties

HR 507  Dedicate Carl Hamrick Memorial Highway; City of Gray

Senate Bills

SB 36     Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

SB 82     Provide for oaths of election superintendents/supervisors and designees of board of election

SB 93     DEA drug schedule, banning ‘bath salts’

SB 100   Excelsior Nursing School and Non-Accredited nursing school licensure of graduates

Senate Resolutions

SR 15     Joint Committee on Water Supply

SR 30     DOT; urged to prepare a list of contractors to be utilized during weather emergencies

SR 68     Science and Technology Strategic Initiative Joint Study Commission

SR 103   Granting of easements for facilities for public property

SR 114   Conveyance of real property located in Gwinnett County            

SR 312   Endorse efforts to deepen the ports Savannah, Ga; Charleston, South Carolina

SR 343   Steve Lance Memorial Intersection dedication