Governor Nathan Deal - Georgia’s 82nd Governor (2011-2019)

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Deal launches Georgia Competitiveness Initiative

April 26, 2011

Gov. Nathan Deal today launched the Georgia Competitiveness Initiative to focus on job creation and statewide economic development strategy. The effort concentrates on strategic issues in attracting and keeping high-paying jobs in Georgia: infrastructure, innovation, education and workforce development, a friendly business climate, global commerce and government efficiency.

“From the start of my campaign, my top priority has been creating jobs for Georgians. However, unlike many government ‘jobs’ programs, we are not looking to the taxpayer to fund new positions,” said Deal. “The growth and stability of our job base must come from private businesses. This Initiative will create an environment that helps Georgia businesses thrive, expand and attract new companies.”

Deal stressed the importance of being competitive globally.

“We understand that to deliver economic development, we must set ourselves apart in a global race for capital and jobs. This initiative is about positioning Georgia as a destination that rewards entrepreneurial spirit and investment,” Deal said.

Because of the broad scope and nature of the initiative, Chris Cummiskey, commissioner for the Georgia Department of Economic Development , and Chris Clark, president and CEO of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, were asked to co-chair it. Twenty-three business leaders from across the state will serve on the steering committee, with a group of government officials assisting as ex-officio members.

The group will work to deliver a plan that enhances Georgia’s competitiveness and economic growth while ensuring that the 12 regions and the diverse industries across the state are recognized. Initiative members will meet with business leaders in each region this summer to better understand local needs and perspectives. A final report, including recommendations, will be delivered to Deal this fall.

The first regional meeting is set for late June. Details will be announced.