Governor Nathan Deal - Georgia’s 82nd Governor (2011-2019)

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Deal launches Competitiveness Initiative

January 25, 2011

Governor’s jobs plan includes education advisers, water supply program
At the annual Eggs and Issues breakfast this morning, Gov. Nathan Deal unveiled a three-pronged plan for Georgia’s long-term economic development and job growth: a competitiveness initiative to grow Georgia's economy, his plan for education advisory councils and his vision for ensuring adequate water resources.

“The Georgia Competitiveness Initiative is a partnership between my office, the Georgia Department of Economic Development and the Georgia Chamber,” said Deal. “This effort will pull together some of our best business minds from across the state with the goal of developing a next- generation strategy for economic development.”
Deal called on the new team to focus on Georgia’s competiveness regionally, nationally and globally while designing an action plan that will result in job retention and economic growth.

“I will work to ensure that the economic development plan we create serves the diverse regions and business sectors of our state,” he said. “The actions we take should flatten the playing field, not pick winners and losers.”
Deal went on to highlight the implementation of his Education Advisory Groups.

“The minds of our children are our greatest resource. I am hopeful that by partnering with those on the frontlines, we can make better policy decisions for our educators and students.”

The advisory councils will consist of five groups of parents, teachers, principals, local school superintendents and local school board members from across the state. Each group will be composed of 13 members, with one team member from each Georgia congressional district.

Lastly, Deal today signed an executive order directing the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority to develop and launch his Georgia Water Supply Development Program, which will align and mobilize state resources to assist local governments in developing new sources of water supply.
“With the federal court deadline looming, we m

ust take immediate action on water,” Deal said. “Nothing could more quickly handicap our economic growth than an unstable or unpredictable water supply. I’ve previously announced my plans for building reservoirs, and this is the next step in our long-term planning.”

GEFA will convene a Water Supply Program Task Force that will provide expert guidance in program development.  As the work progresses, the task force will help ensure that our agencies are working together towards an efficient implementation. The governor has GEFA to enlist members of key stakeholder groups, including representatives of the following state entities:

• Department of Natural Resources

• Environmental Protection Division

• Department of Community Affairs

• Georgia State Financing and Investment Commission, and the

• State Properties Commission.