Governor Nathan Deal - Georgia’s 82nd Governor (2011-2019)

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WATCH: Deal unveils ‘High Aspirations’

January 17, 2017

Gov. Nathan Deal, in conjunction with the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement, today unveiled “High Aspirations,” the second installment of the "Real Teachers Real Voices” campaign. This initiative, which highlights exceptional educators around the state, stems from feedback from Deal’s Teacher Advisory Committee. “High Aspirations” features Casey Bethel, an educator at New Manchester High School in Douglas County and the 2017 Georgia Teacher of the Year.

"Teaching is the most rewarding profession in human history,” said Bethel. “Every day, teachers come to work knowing that what we do in our classrooms is impacting the lives of students and changing the world, making the future a brighter place. Of course we want our students to be intelligent and astute. We want them to study hard and find academic success. There's nothing like seeing the light come on in a child's eyes when they understand a difficult topic for the very first time.” 

Click here to watch “High Aspirations.”

The first PSA of this series – “Purpose” – aired at the State of the State address and highlights Rep. Amy Carter.